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"The sequence of 23 kb surrounding the SNF3 locus on the left arm of yeast chromosome IV reveals the location of five known genes and characterizes at least six new open reading frames including putative genes for ribosomal protein L35 and a sugar transport protein."

Verhasselt P, Voet M, Mathys J, Volckaert G

Published Sept. 1, 1996 in Yeast volume 12 .

Pubmed ID: 8896272

The nucleotide sequence of 22,846 bp of the left arm of chromosome IV is described. Twelve open reading frames (ORFs) greater than 100 triplets were detected, one of which extends into an adjacent cosmid. Two of the ORFs may contain an intron. One of these is an L35 ribosomal protein gene. Five ORFs (D1204, D1214, D1219, D1234 and D1244) encode previously sequenced genes (MGT1, SHM1, ASF2, SNF3 and ARF2, respectively). The nucleotide sequence of a sixth ORF (D1229) is quite similar to the WEB1 gene, which appeared in the DNA databases shortly after finishing the sequence reported here. It is not clear whether or not WEB1 and D1229 represent one and the same gene. The co-linearity of the reported DNA sequences with the genome of strains from Saccharomyces cerevisiae subspecies carlsbergensis, sake and diastaticus was assessed by comparative PCR with overlapping primer sets.

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