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polymerase (DNA directed), iota

On chromosome: 18 44.0 cM
Known also as: Rad30b;

NCBI Gene ID: 26447
NCBI Ensembl Id: ENSMUSG00000038425
Species: Mus musculus

Mus musculus polymerase (DNA directed), iota (Poli).

Gene sequence:
[Download sequence]

Proteins coded by this gene:

Authors Title Journal
McDonald JP, Frank EG, Plosky BS, Rogozin IB, Masutani C, Hanaoka F, Woodgate R, Gearhart PJ 129-derived strains of mice are deficient in DNA polymerase iota and have normal immunoglobulin hypermutation. J Exp Med Aug. 18, 2003
Bienko M, Green CM, Crosetto N, Rudolf F, Zapart G, Coull B, Kannouche P, Wider G, Peter M, Lehmann AR, Hofmann K, Dikic I Ubiquitin-binding domains in Y-family polymerases regulate translesion synthesis. Science Dec. 16, 2005
Martomo SA, Yang WW, Vaisman A, Maas A, Yokoi M, Hoeijmakers JH, Hanaoka F, Woodgate R, Gearhart PJ Normal hypermutation in antibody genes from congenic mice defective for DNA polymerase iota. DNA Repair (Amst) March 7, 2006
Ohkumo T, Kondo Y, Yokoi M, Tsukamoto T, Yamada A, Sugimoto T, Kanao R, Higashi Y, Kondoh H, Tatematsu M, Masutani C, Hanaoka F UV-B radiation induces epithelial tumors in mice lacking DNA polymerase eta and mesenchymal tumors in mice deficient for DNA polymerase iota. Mol Cell Biol Oct. 1, 2006
Dumstorf CA, Clark AB, Lin Q, Kissling GE, Yuan T, Kucherlapati R, McGregor WG, Kunkel TA Participation of mouse DNA polymerase iota in strand-biased mutagenic bypass of UV photoproducts and suppression of skin cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Nov. 28, 2006

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