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"Identification and preliminary characterization of an O6-methylguanine DNA repair methyltransferase in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae."

Sassanfar M, Samson L

Published Feb. 5, 1990 in J Biol Chem volume 265 .

Pubmed ID: 2403555

Saccharomyces cerevisiae contains a DNA repair methyltransferase (MTase) that repairs O6-methylguanine. Methyl groups are irreversibly transferred from O6-methylguanine in DNA to a 25-kilodalton protein in S. cerevisiae cell extracts, and methyl transfer is accompanied by the formation of S-methylcysteine. The yeast MTase is expressed at approximately 150 molecules/cell in exponentially growing yeast cultures but is not detectable in stationary phase cells. Unlike mammalian and bacterial MTases, the yeast MTase is very temperature-sensitive, having a half-life of about 4 min at 37 degrees C, which may explain why others have failed to detect it. Like other DNA repair MTases, the S. cerevisiae MTase repairs O6-methylguanine more efficiently in double-stranded DNA than in single-stranded DNA. Synthesis of the yeast DNA MTase is apparently not inducible by sublethal exposures to alkylating agent, but rather MTase activity is depleted in cells exposed to low doses of alkylating agent. Judging from its molecular weight and substrate specificity, the yeast DNA MTase is more closely related to mammalian MTases than to Escherichia coli MTases.

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