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"A novel polymerase gamma mutation in a family with ophthalmoplegia, neuropathy, and Parkinsonism."

Mancuso M, Filosto M, Oh SJ, DiMauro S

Published Nov. 1, 2004 in Arch Neurol volume 61 .

Pubmed ID: 15534189

BACKGROUND: Mutations in polymerase gamma cause progressive external ophthalmoplegia and a variety of associated symptoms and signs, including neuropathy, ataxia, hypogonadism, hearing loss, muscle weakness, and psychiatric problems. Extrapyramidal signs have been rarely described. OBJECTIVE: To describe a family with a novel polymerase gamma mutation and autosomal dominant transmission of progressive external ophthalmoplegia, neuropathy, hypogonadism, and parkinsonism. DESIGN: Case report. PATIENTS: The proband, a 49-year-old woman with incipient parkinsonism, and her 59-year-old brother with overt parkinsonian features. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Mutation in the proband by sequencing the polymerase gamma gene and in affected relatives by restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis. RESULTS: We found multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions in the proband's muscle and a novel missense mutation in the polymerase gamma gene (A2492G) in the proband and in her affected siblings. CONCLUSION: Parkinsonism was a prominent clinical feature in this family with autosomal dominant ophthalmoplegia, multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions, and a novel mutation in the polymerase gamma gene.

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