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MMR: MutSalpha binds mismatch in heteroduplex DNA with nick 3' to mismatch

[Homo sapiens]

GO molecular function: 0030983

Mismatch recognition is performed by the MutS protein. In mammals, there are five homologs (MSH2-6) of MutS, with MSH2, MSH3 and MSH6 having a role in MMR. All mismatches and small indels are recognized by MutSĪ± heterodimer (composed of MSH2 and MSH6), while longer indels are recognized by MutSĪ² (heterodimer of MSH2 and MSH3). First, MutS searches for the mismatch and binds to it in the nucleotide-free or ADP-bound state. The binding of MutS to DNA induces bending of both homo- and heteroduplex DNA. When MutS encounters the mismatch, a bend is turned into a sharp kink. This triggers a conformational change in the protein and the exchange of ADP to ATP. MutS-ATP complex remains stably bound to DNA, but its affinity to the mismatch is reduced. At the same time, the ATP hydrolysis activity of MutS is inhibited. Lastly, the MutS-ATP complex leaves the mismatch and moves along DNA as a sliding clamp to activate downstream repair events near the strand discrimination signal.

This is the reaction from:
Heteroduplex DNA with nick 3' to mismatch in Homo sapiens
Mismatch in heteroduplex DNA with nick 3' to mismatch bound by MutSalpha in Homo sapiens

Involved proteins:

Authors Title Journal
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