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"Double-strand break repair by Ku70 requires heterodimerization with Ku80 and DNA binding functions."

Jin S, Weaver DT

Published Nov. 17, 1997 in EMBO J volume 16 .

Pubmed ID: 9362500

Heterodimers of the 70 and 80 kDa Ku autoantigens (Ku70 and Ku80) activate the DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK). Mutations in any of the three subunits of this protein kinase (Ku70, Ku80 and DNA-PKcs) lead to sensitivity to ionizing radiation (IR) and to DNA double-strand breaks, and V(D)J recombination product formation defects. Here we show that the IR repair, DNA end binding and DNA-PK defects in Ku70-/- embryonic stem cells can be counteracted by introducing epitope-tagged wild-type Ku70 cDNA. Truncations and chimeras of Ku70 were used to identify the regions necessary for DNA end binding and IR repair. Site-specific mutational analysis revealed a core region of Ku70 responsible for DNA end binding and heterodimerization. The propensity for Ku70 to associate with Ku80 and to bind DNA correlates with the ability to activate DNA-PK, although two mutants showed that the roles of Ku70 in DNA-PK activation and IR repair are separate. Mutation of DNA-PK autophosphorylation sites and other structural motifs in Ku70 showed that these sites are not necessary for IR repair in vivo. These studies reveal Ku70 features required for double-strand break repair.

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