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"Saccharomyces cerevisiae MSH2-MSH3 and MSH2-MSH6 complexes display distinct requirements for DNA binding domain I in mismatch recognition."

Lee SD, Surtees JA, Alani E

Published Jan. 9, 2007 in J Mol Biol volume 366 .

Pubmed ID: 17157869

In eukaryotic mismatch repair (MMR) MSH2-MSH6 initiates the repair of base-base and small insertion/deletion mismatches while MSH2-MSH3 repairs larger insertion/deletion mismatches. Here, we show that the msh2Delta1 mutation, containing a complete deletion of the conserved mismatch recognition domain I of MSH2, conferred a separation of function phenotype with respect to MSH2-MSH3 and MSH2-MSH6 functions. Strains bearing the msh2Delta1 mutation were nearly wild-type in MSH2-MSH6-mediated MMR and in suppressing recombination between DNA sequences predicted to form mismatches recognized by MSH2-MSH6. However, these strains were completely defective in MSH2-MSH3-mediated MMR and recombination functions. This information encouraged us to analyze the contributions of domain I to the mismatch binding specificity of MSH2-MSH3 in genetic and biochemical assays. We found that domain I in MSH2 contributed a non-specific DNA binding activity while domain I of MSH3 appeared important for mismatch binding specificity and for suppressing non-specific DNA binding. These observations reveal distinct requirements for the MSH2 DNA binding domain I in the repair of DNA mismatches and suggest that the binding of MSH2-MSH3 to mismatch DNA involves protein-DNA contacts that appear very different from those required for MSH2-MSH6 mismatch binding.

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