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"Differential effect of ik3-1/cables on p53- and p73-induced cell death."

Tsuji K, Mizumoto K, Yamochi T, Nishimoto I, Matsuoka M

Published Feb. 25, 2002 in J Biol Chem volume 277 .

Pubmed ID: 11706030

ik3-1/Cables is associated with cdk3 in self-replicating cells. In postmitotic neurons, it may serve as an adaptor molecule, functionally connecting c-abl and cdk5, and supporting neurite growth. Here we report that ik3-1 binds to p53 and p73 in vivo. Ectopically expressed ik3-1 potentiates p53-induced cell death but not p73-induced cell death in U2OS cells. On the contrary, coexpression of ik3-1-DeltaC, an ik3-1 deletion mutant lacking the C-terminal 139 [corrected] amino acids (corresponding to the cyclin box-homologous region), inhibits p73-induced cell death but not p53-induced cell death. ik3-1-DeltaC-mediated inhibition of p73-induced cell death are partially attenuated by overexpression of ik3-1. These data indicate that ik3-1 is not only a regulator for p53-induced cell death but also an essential regulator for p73-induced cell death, and ik3-1-DeltaC competes with ik3-1 only in p73-induced cell death. Furthermore, functional domains of p53 responsible for its interaction with ik3-1 are partially different from those of p73. In conclusion, we found that ik3-1, a putative component of cell cycle regulation, is functionally connected with p53 and p73, but in distinct fashions.

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