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"Generation of a detailed physical and genetic map of the ilv-metE-udp region of the Escherichia coli chromosome."

Aldea M, Maples VF, Kushner SR

Published April 5, 1988 in J Mol Biol volume 200 .

Pubmed ID: 3294419

The entire ilv-metE-udp region of the Escherichia coli chromosome has been cloned in two steps using the lambda replacement vector EMBL4. A detailed restriction map for approximately 70 X 10(3) bases of DNA has been generated. The gpp and udp structural genes have been identified, the cya and metE genes have been physically located, and the direction of recQ gene transcription has been determined. By examining a variety of plasmid subclones, 44 polypeptides have been detected using maxicell and minicell analysis, accounting for 70% of the maximum coding capacity of the entire region. On the basis of the observed gene density in the ilv-metE-udp region, a total number of 3000 genes is predicted for the entire E. coli chromosome. In addition, anomalies in cotransduction frequencies that have been observed in this region have been interpreted by employing a new formula that incorporates the effects of different transducing fragment representations and recombination probabilities.

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