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"Ataxia-telangiectasia in the Japanese population: identification of R1917X, W2491R, R2909G, IVS33+2T-->A, and 7883del5, the latter two being relatively common mutations."

Fukao T, Song XQ, Yoshida T, Tashita H, Kaneko H, Teramoto T, Inoue R, Katamura K, Mayumi M, Hiratani M, Taniguchi N, Arai J, Wakiguchi H, Bar-Shira A, Shiloh Y, Kondo N

Published Jan. 1, 1998 in Hum Mutat volume 12 .

Pubmed ID: 9792410

We analyzed the data regarding six Japanese ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T) patients from four unrelated families, at the DNA level, to search for possible common mutations in the Japanese population. Among eight mutant alleles in the four families, c. 4612del165 (exon 33 skipping) was identified in two alleles, and c. 5749A to T (R1917X), c. 7471T to C (W2491R), c.7883de15, and c. 8725A to G (R2909G) were identified in one allele each. We found no mutations in the other two alleles. The IVS33 + 2T-->A mutation was identified at the genomic level as the cause of exon 33 skipping. We also identified the IVS33 + 2T-->A mutation in a Japanese patient ATL105 who was previously found to be a homozygote of c. 4612del165. W2491R and R2909G mutations were not detected in more than 100 control Japanese alleles. The latter is located in a highly conserved PI-3 kinase domain and is a completely conserved residue among ATM-related proteins. Taken together with previously documented mutations in five other Japanese A-T patients, IVS33 + 2T-->A and 7883del5 were identified in four and five alleles, respectively, in a total of 18 mutant alleles of Japanese A-T patients. These results suggest that these two mutations are relatively common mutations in the Japanese population.

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